Across the US our team helps healthcare systems provide smooth transitions across all care settings – acute, skilled nursing, primary care, home health, and hopefully, home – with a focus on preventing a readmission.

A few examples of problems we help you solve:

  • HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE – As an HIE, how do I add value (and new members) to improve my sustainability model, and do it cost effectively to improve care coordination for my entire community?

  • POST-ACUTE CARE Alignment – How do I better understand who to partner with (SNF, home health, etc.) and how do I measure outcomes?

  • CARE COORDINATION- How do I extend the care of my patient outside the walls of my hospital to insure (and measure) the best outcomes possible?

  • BEHAVIORAL HEALTH- How do I manage the patients who present in my emergency department with a behavioral health diagnosis (approximately 70%) and how do I insure they don’t continue the cycle of readmission?

  • HEALTHCARE IT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – I need access to health systems around the US to introduce my product/service, can I leverage your contacts and experience?  And, who are the best prospects for my product/service?  Why?

  • HEALTHCARE SALES TRAINING – I have three challenges –

    • How and where do I get the appropriate clinical and financial data to better understand my prospect?

    • How do I use this data to create systems to measure my sales’ team’s success?

    • And, how do I train my team to use this data to have substantive partnership discussions with senior level leaders?

  • ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD IMPLEMENTATION – Am I getting what I need from my information systems in my hospital, skilled nursing facility and/or physician practice?

  • SKILLED NURSING FACILITY COST ACCOUNTING /REIMBURSEMENT – Am I preparing my Medicaid Cost Report with the lowest identified exposure for potential audit adjustments?

  • PHYSICIAN ALIGNMENT – Who should I partner with and why?